Scholarship and Networks of Ideas, 19th century

Sophia Matthaiou

The corpus of professors of Classical Philology at the Ottonian University and their personality composition is in accordance with their mobility in the European and the Balkan region, as well as with their interaction with knowledge and ideas synonymous with the cultural development of mainly the European region. The subject of this research is the following professors: Georgios Gennadios, Ioannis Venthylos, Konstantinos Asopios, Stefanos A. Koumanoudis, Efthymios Kastorchis, Athanasios Rousopoulos, Georgios Papasliotis, Dimitrios Mavrofridis, Dimitrios N. Vernardakis, Anastasios G. Gennadios, Spyridon Fintiklis, Dimitrios Semitelos, Konstantinos Kontos, Georgios Mistriotis, Ioannis Pantazidis, Spyridon Vasis, Spyridon Sakellaropoulos, and Grigorios Vernardakis.

It should be clarified that the first professor of Latin Philology, the German Heinrich Nikolaus Ulrichs, is not included, and that for certain professors who were born around the middle of the 19th century, the time limits reach the first decades of the 20th century.

The databases presented contain the following data:

STUDIES: the general and higher studies of individuals are included. The locations and the duration are noted. Tentative dates are indicated in brackets.

RESIDENCE LOCATION: the locations and the duration of residence are noted for the entirety of the individuals’ lifespan. Thus, the oldest and the newest date signify their birth and their demise. Tentative dates are indicated in brackets.

LETTERS AUTHORED BY THE SCHOLAR: the correspondence between scholars and individuals abroad, as published in the Greek bibliography, is recorded. An exception to this rule is S.A. Koumanoudis’ s correspondence, which is noted as shown in his Archive’s catalogue, compiled by S. Matthaiou, as well as the correspondence from the archive of Friedrich Thiersch’s Munich (Thierschiana) and the correspondence from the online archive of Ioannis Kolettis, by the Academy of Athens. Only complete texts are mentioned; neither extracts, nor indirect information is noted. The data reported are the date, the recipient, the location of dispatch (the place where the scholar is located) and the location of delivery.

LETTERS RECEIVED BY THE SCHOLAR: the correspondence between the scholars and individuals abroad, as published in the Greek bibliography is recorded. Also in this category, one comes across the exceptions mentioned above. The data reported are the date, the sender and the locations of dispatch (sender’s place) and delivery (the location of the scholar).

WORK: the translations by each individual (monographs), their individual foreign-language publications, and their works published abroad are registered. The country of influence is determined according to the language of the original text—as far as translations are concerned—the language in which foreign works are composed, and the non-Greek location of publication. The year of publication is also noted.

The correspondence databases register the bibliographic source for each record. For the rest of the databases, sources are various and scattered: registries of European universities, periodical and daily press, bibliographical catalogs, the works of the scholars examined and the basic monographs listed below:

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Research directed by: Sophia Matthaiou. Collaborator: Angeliki Christodoulou. GIS Cartography: Dimitris Triantakonstantis