Modern Greek Historiography and Chronography:
Printing Books (1529-1900)

Triantafyllos E. Sklavenitis

Within the framework of “Kyrtou plegmata” the unit Modern Greek Historiography and Chronography: Printing Books (1529-1900) includes a database of 2,441 titles of monographs in the field of Modern Greek historiography and chronography accompanied by elaborate bibliological information that covers 15 areas of interest:

•Name of author

•Name of gleaner

•Name of compiler

•Name of translator

•Brief title of the published item

•Entire title of the published item

•Thematic unit


•Editor /publisher

•Country of publication

•City of Publication

•Geographical coordinates of the city (x, y)

•Year of publication


The data base allows the researcher to approach the book production of the period 1529-1900 through space and time, follow the circuit of book production and book circulation on the map of Europe, and form various networks of the circulation of ideas and knowledge in their geographical and temporal dimension. From Italy and Midwestern Europe, the Balkans, Eastern Europe, and the Greek East, a diverse network of individuals (authors, publishers, printers, etc.) collaborates and sets in motion the Modern Greek scholar book production in the European space, contextualizing it within a larger publishing network.

Research directed by: Triantafyllos E. Sklavenitis. Collaborator: Efstathia Politi. GIS Cartography: Dimitris Triantakonstantis