The role of cultural and social networks in conditions of political oppression

Leonidas Kallivretakis

The purpose of the present research project is the documentation, mapping and exploration of the role played by cultural and social networks during the Greek military dictatorship of 1967-1974. The proliferation and expansion of the activities of these networks, the exchange of ideas and life attitudes within them and their overlaps, may be largely accounted for by the dissolution of political structures after the military coup; to a large extent, this explains the transition to collective action and massive politicization detected in the last period of the seven-year regime.

The dissolution of all political organizations and the ban on political activities in the aftermath of the April 21st, 1967 coup, led to the creation of underground organizations that expressed their opposition to the regime through various actions, ranging from the distribution of improvised tracts and pamphlets to the placement of explosive devices. Albeit important for questioning the omnipotence of the powers-that-be, these actions remained a limited phenomenon.

In a second phase, as a new generation entered the academic and social arena, there began the re-evaluation of various sites already functioning as centers of cultural, artistic and other activity, as well as the creation of new sites of a similar nature. Such sites were publishing houses, bookstores, quality theaters, artistic movie theaters, art galleries, music halls, foreign cultural institutes, cultural clubs, youth hangouts, etc.; these places gradually constituted a systematic reference for an ever-expanding audience that frequented them, not only as a passive viewer, listener, or reader, but also in order to communicate with other people of similar concerns.

Step by step, these meeting points proliferated, setting up a wide spectrum of superimposed, crossing, and mutually fed networks; networks that served the exchange of ideas, concerns, and ultimately information, while they also occasionally functioned as a preliminary stage to joining underground organizations. Focal points in this approach are also educational institutions, such as universities, as well as the major university preparatory schools in downtown Athens.

Without studying the formation and evolution of these networks that played a crucial part in the transition from individual attitudes to collective action and from spontaneous contestation to politicization, we cannot understand the “sudden” appearance of a new robust and vibrant political movement in the last period of the dictatorship, which led to the most important mass events against the regime.

This database indicatively includes 70 typical cases. Each record provides the location of the point investigated, its function and name, the period of its activity (within the seven-year dictatorship), a brief historical note, the reproduction of basic documentation, bibliographic and online references and a recent photo of the place. At this stage, the presentation of the points of interest is not exhaustive and no educational institutions are included. As the research progresses and the database is enriched, it is estimated that the number of cases examined will amount to a hundred.

Research directed by: Leonidas Kallivretakis. Collaborators: Kouki Eleni Argyro, Vlaxos Giorgos, Mpispiroula Triada, Rika Sakalak. GIS Cartography: Dimitris Triantakonstantis

No limitations apply to the use of historical data included in the registrations. The visual material (images, photographs) and documents belong to the, respectively mentioned, original collections from which they were retrieved.

(α) Βιβλία - Τόμοι - Μονογραφίες (χρονολογική κατάταξη πρώτης έκδοσης)

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(β) Άρθρα – Κεφάλαια (χρονολογική κατάταξη πρώτης έκδοσης)

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