Road Network, 1824 -1829

George Tolias

The map displays the road network of the Southern Balkan Peninsula during the revolutionary years and the period of the government of Ioannis Kapodistrias, as depicted in the Travel Route Guides (dromodeiktes) of 1824 and 1829 (published in Pesti and Venice respectively). This is the earliest Greek mapping of land communications and an organic tool for all sorts of merchants and travelers.

The 1829 Travel Route Guide consists of eight parts-regions:

A) the Peloponnese

B) Boeotia

C) Attica

D) Thessaly

E) Epirus

F) Macedonia

G) Thrace

H) Bosna

The trajectories are formulated around the basic transport junctions of every region and include marked distances between all the positions in every road, the infrastructure (inns, bridges, paths, posts), as well as information about the condition of the roads. Remarks on the economic and historical context are noted in the form of footnotes. The 1829 Travel Route Guide includes a total of 691 spots accessible by land.

For more information, please see the relevant article in the Library of Krepis.

Research directed by: Tolias George. Collaborator: Stathi Katerina. GIS Cartography: Gadolou Eleni